Ordering Video Branding

Ordering your video branding assets couldn’t be simpler. Just browse through the video previews and add the one you want to your shopping cart, then pay through the checkout page. By doing so, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

This will create an account for you on the site. You can then use the “My Account” link to view your recent orders and manage your account details and billing address.

How To Choose Your Video Branding Assets

Naturally, the style and purpose of the video assets will be your main concern. Please note how the logo and text elements work within the video previews too, though.

Different assets allow different combinations of logo images and text elements. Some suit square or circular logos, others can work with slightly wider logos. Some can also include your brand colours. Please note though, that the logos themselves are single-colour.

Likewise, please be guided by the length of the sample text elements in the video previews. Most of these are very short to keep them readable on small screens. We’ll work with you to figure out what can fit, but each element has its own character limits.

Processing Your Order

Once we receive your order, we’ll email you (normally within 1-2 working days) to discuss the elements we’ll need from you. For logos, this usually means a high-resolution (ideally, 2048 pixels square), single-colour image with a transparent background.

We’ll then send you a few stills for approval – and you can choose whether or not you want to receive the audio file from the preview as well. These audio files have been specially created to sync perfectly with the animations, but we appreciate that you may have other ideas.

When we have your approval, we’ll create the video and email you details of how to download it.

Please note that we can’t provide refunds once the video has been created. Until that point though, you can cancel your order at any time and we’ll refund it.