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The Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

As online marketing and video branding methods continue to expand, the power of multimedia has become clear. True, written content can boost search engine optimization and helps to provide useful information. Still, visual content has been proven to be far more engaging. Pictures are more likely to drive clicks than text; video is even more effective than pictures.

Here are some of the strengths of video marketing and why it’s time to start using it in your online strategy.

Video branding builds your brand identity

The voice of the brand is all important. The right signals build trust and help your audience to understand your content. Video quickly sets a mood and makes it easier for them to recognise that the content applies to them.

With video, there are many more ways to establish your voice. It’s far easier to establish a tone of voice in videos with sound than in written content. Beyond that, LogoVidz offers video branding services like animated logos and live-action branding. These bring your brand identifiers to life, helping them to express the brand even more effectively.

Increase your ad effectiveness

As mentioned above, multimedia is attention-grabbing. All social media and web content providers can attest to the fact that photos get more clicks and conversions than text, and videos get more clicks and conversions than videos.

It’s easy for web users to simply scroll past text and pictures. A video with an engaging animation or intro quickly catches attention. So, videos are much more likely to result in the consumer staying long enough to absorb your message.

Reach across markets

Video branding works well on mobileVideo has also been shown to be more effective at cross-platform marketing than other marketing techniques. More than half of internet users access the web through mobile devices and you can only fit so much readable text on a small screen.

By contrast, video translates well to mobile screens. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a few seconds of video can communicate even more effectively.

Showcase your expertise

Video also makes your message a lot easier to absorb. Compared to reading, watching and listening is a relatively passive act. The viewer doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into engaging with your ad.

The medium makes it easier to present information in different ways, too. You can offer demonstrations, data visualizations, engaging vocal reporting, and more. Whether you want to explain the benefits of your products or outline your services, video makes it much easier and lets you inject more personality and creativity.


Video marketing has ruled the market ever since the advent of television. With the rise of the web, it is rapidly becoming far more accessible to smaller businesses. That also means competition is growing in this field, though. So, you can’t afford to fall behind. It’s important to get started promptly — and to find ways to stand out.

LogoVidz offers the video branding assets you need to do that, at prices you’ll like!